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(by forbixsemion)


Indoor Air Quality Monitor to check temperature, humidity, CO2 and other gases
(by forbixsemion) FORBIX SEMICON indoor air quality monitor equipment measure carbon dioxide CO2, temperature and humidity. The unit has CO2 NDIR sensor that can check for the concentration of carbon dioxide in your house. It also quantifies the concentration good, normal, poor and alarm.

TVOC monitor, Carbon monoxide detector, benzene sensor, formaldehyde sensor
(by forbixsemion) FORBIX SEMICON VOC monitor measures the concentration of Benzene, Carbon monoxide and Formaldehyde in rooms and indoor environment. It also measures temperature and humidity. TVOC monitor FBXVQM measures organic volatile compound gas concentration.

LPG gas detector and alarm system
(by forbixsemion) FORBIX SEMICON LPG gas detector alarm identifies even minute concentration of LPG leakage in homes and alerts the recipients. The internal sensor is capable of detecting of even minute quantities of LPG. This equipment is a must have for homes, kitchens and residential apartments.

FORBIX SEMICON air quality dust monitor and particle matter counter
(by forbixsemion) FORBIX SEMICON Indoor air quality dust monitor measures the concentration of dust particles in a house. It also measures ambient temperature and humidity. A dust quality monitor is a must have in urban clean rooms. It is used extensively in offices, homes, hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc.

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