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(by Silver4America) Silver 4 America is a premier chemistry website, based around refining of silver metal. It teaches you how to refine, economic facts, and historic data of silver metal, as well as gold, platinum, and palladium.
(by labuda123) is modern and one of the largest chemical and biochemical pages Lithuania!

Micro Lab
(by CynthiaDJoly) Whenever you need cutting edge tools and solutions for your chemistry lab you have to contact MicroLab, Inc. To obtain more details visit our site now, here you can find all the product information you need.

Isotope Labeling
(by AnnieW) BOC Sciences provides wide range of services such as custom radioisotope and stable isotope labeling to support your regulatory, development or research programs.

(by AnnieW) Composed of three seven-carbon fatty acids,the triglyceride can produce ketone bodies with five carbon atoms, as opposed to even-carbon fatty acids which are metabolized to ketone bodies with four carbon atoms.

Iron oxide nanoparticles
(by AnnieW) Superparamagnetic iron oxide microbeads have broad applications in biomedicine, such as magnetic cell isolation and biomolecules purification, magnetic resonance imaging of diseased tissues, magnetic immunoassay, targeted delivery of drugs and antigens, hyperthermia aided chemo/radiotherapy, and so on.

Tau peptide
(by AnnieW) Tau proteins are highly soluble and abundant in the neurons where they play a critical role in microtubule stabilization.

Enzyme synthesis
(by AnnieW) The maturing petroleum-based chemical industry, the pressures of environmental constraints and the explosive development of biotechnology have increased the interest in catalysis in enzymology. Enzymes are now an attractive proposition as catalysts for new classes of reagents and products, especially sugars, chiral synthons, metabolites and food components.

(by AnnieW) Butanoicacid, 3-methyl-, (3,6-dioxo-1,4-cyclohexadien-1-yl)methyl ester, also known as blattellaquinone, gentisyl quinone isovalerate

Islet Amyloid Polypeptide
(by )

Snap 8
(by AnnieW) SNAP-8 is scientifically and reasonablely designed of anti-wrinkle active ingredients of polypeptide.

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