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Python Snakes
(by seoqueen) Pythons are non-venomous constrictor found in tropical and subtropical Asia, Africa, and Australia. They were introduced into USA, South America, and Europe as pets. In Florida, pythons have escaped captivity and are a nuisance in Everglades where they are becoming far too abundant.

Cottonmouth Snakes
(by seoqueen) The Cottonmouth snake, or (Agkistrodon piscivorus), is one that many refer to by a number of different names. Such names that are commonly included are the water moccasin, or a combination of that variation, such as Cottonmouth Moccasin, Highland Water Moccasin, or North American Water Moccasin.

(by seoqueen) Rattlesnakes are a group of distinctly American snakes that evolved on the plains of North America (O'shea, 2005)1. Rattlesnakes are found across most of North and South America with the exception of Panama, Ecuador, Chile, and some smaller remote island in the region

(by seoqueen) Ratsnakes has recently been moved to the genus Pantherophis and Bogertophis. The name Elaphe is, however, still still widely used. Ratsnakes enter people's homes rather frequently. Bites from rat snakes are painful and should be avoided due to the risk of bacterial infection.

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