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Dental Supplies - T&F Needle
(by rgc16) Versions available:T&F Needle 7901 - DFG7901, T&F Needle 7902 - DFG7902, T&F Needle 7903 - DFG7903

Dental Supplies - T&F Taper & Finishing
(by rgc16) Versions available:T&F Taper & Finishing 7702 - DFG7702, T&F Taper & Finishing 7713 - DFG7713

Dental Supplies - T&F Perfect Trimming
(by rgc16) Versions available:T&F Perfect Trimming 7610 - DFG7610, T&F Perfect Trimming 7611 - DFG7611, T&F Perfect Trimming 7612 - DFG7612, T&F Perfect Trimming 7613 - DFG7613,

Milling & Finishing
(by rgc16) Versions available:Justi Milling & Finishing 3 oz. tube - 02-0603

Justi Crown & Bridge Formula
(by rgc16) Versions available: Crown and Bridge Formula (SR Shade Selector) - 42-0421, Justi Crown & Bride Formula 1 gal. "SR" Monomer (Solvent Resistant) - 40-0699, Justi Crown & Bride Formula 1 oz "SR" Monomer (Solvent Resistant) - 41-0601, Justi Crown & Bride Formula 32 oz "SR" Monomer (Solvent Resistant) - 40-0632, Justi Crown & Bride Formula 4 oz "SR" Monomer (Solvent Resistant) - 41-0604,

Dental Supplies - Septodont Canal + Root Canal Lubricant
(by rgc16) Septodont Canal and Root Canal lubricant is a water soluble lubricant that facilitates instrument penetration and aids in the preparation and shaping of root canals.

Dental Supplies - Zhermack Safemix Nitrile Gloves
(by rgc16) Zhermack Nitrile Gloves Uses:Powder-free synthetic nitrile glove tested for the safe mixing of A-silicones impression materials. Minimising the risk of allergies.

Zhermack Accessories for C-Silicones - Kab Dental Supplies
(by rgc16) Zhermack Accessories for C-Silicones Impression Material, Accessories for C-Silicones include Mixing Spatula, Mixing Pads, and Putty cutters.

Dental Supplies - Zhermack C-Silicone Indurent Gel - Catalyst for Putty Impression Material
(by rgc16) Zhermack Indurent Gel Uses: Single catalyst for all Zhermack clinical C-silicones (zetaplus system) and technical (zetalabor and titanium)

Dental Supplies - Zhermack Thixoflex - Light Body
(by rgc16) Zhermack C-Silicone Thixoflex - Light Body Impression Material, Regular Set - Total Setting Time 5:30min, Color: Blue

Dental Supplies - Zhermack Zetaplus - Putty
(by rgc16) Zhermack C-Silicones Zetaplus - Putty Impression Material,Fast Set - Total Setting Time: 4:30min, Color: Green

Dental Supplies - Zhermack Elite HD+ VPS Impression Material
(by rgc16) Zhermack Elite HD+ is a VPS impression material formulated w/Nanotechnology: The presence of the nanostructure increases the fluidity of the material, particularly when pressure is applied.

Periapical Film #1 (Ultraspeed)
(by )

Dental Supplies - Periapical Film #1 (Ultraspeed)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak DF-55 Two- Film Packet (Box of 100) - 1273721, Kodak DF-56 One- Film Packet (Box of 100) - 1273747

Dental Supplies - Periapical Film #0 (Ultraspeed)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak DF-53 Two - Film Packet (Box of 100) - 1228931,Kodak DF-54 One - Film Packet (10 Boxes) - 1228840-10,Kodak DF-54 One-Film Packet (Box of 100) - 1228840-1

Dental Supplies - Occlusal Film (Ultraspeed)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak DF- 49 Two - Film Packet (Box of 25) - 1666122, Kodak DF- 50 One - Film Packet (Box of 25) - 1666163

Dental Supplies - Bitewing Film (Ultraspeed)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak DF-40 One - Film Packet (Box of 50) - 8393043, Kodak DF-42 One - Film Packet (Box of 100) - 1296771, Kodak DF-48 One - Film Packet (Box of 50) - 8348658

Dental Supplies - Clinasept Periapical Film #2 (Ultra-Speed)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak DF-57 Two- Film Packet (Box of 150) - 1491752, Kodak DF-57C Two- Film Barrier Packet (Box of 100) - 8987877, Kodak DF-58 One- Film Packet (Box of 150) - 1491737, Kodak DF-58C One- Film Barrier Packet (Box of 100) - 1717131

Dental Supplies - Clinasept Periapical Film #0 (Ultra-Speed)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak DF-54C One- Film Barrier Packet (Box of 75) - 1445360

Dental Supplies - Kodak X-Ray Film Dispensers
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak Film Dispensers #02 - 1536788

Dental Supplies - Kodak Intraoral Film (Supersoft)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak SupersoftTM IP-21S One- Film Packet (Box of 80) - 8118226

Dental Supplies - Kodak Intraoral Film (Insight)
(by rgc16) Versions available: Kodak Insight IB-01 One- Film Packet (Box of 50) - 8110785, Kodak Insight IB-21 One- Film Packet (Box of 50) - 1807650, Kodak Insight IB-31 One- Film Packet (Box of 100) - 8298929

(by rgc16) Improved moisture resistance helps prevent cross-contamination and unwanted water seepage to the surface underneath.

Dental Supplies - Poly Coated Mixing Pads
(by rgc16) POLY COATED Extra heavy with a high poly finish. Non-skid foam base. Use for mixing: cements, composites, rubber base material and silicates. Crosstex Mixing Pads - Poly Coated come 6/pkg.

Dental Supplies - Kleenex Facial Tissue
(by rgc16) KLEENEX(Kimberly-Clark)- Kleenex White FAcial Tissue, Versions available: KLEENEX 36Boxes of 100 (3600) - 21400

(by rgc16) Absorbs 6-9x their weight. Maintains shape during absorption. 100% cotton. Versions available: MEDICOM COTTON ROLLS #2, Medium, (2 Boxes) - 3554-2, MEDICOM COTTON ROLLS #2, Medium, (Box of 2000) - 3554-1

Dental Supplies - C-Fold Towels
(by rgc16) Versions available: SCOTT C-FOLD TOWELS (Kimberly Clark) 200/Pk, 12 Pk/Case (2400) - 01510

(by )

Dental Supplies - Vista 3/4" Bendable Needle Tips
(by rgc16) Appli-Vac™ 3/4" Bendable Needle Tips - Endo / Perio, Blunt-end bendable dead-soft needles resist crimping, Designed for use in evacuation and irrigation, Use for dispensing of flowable composites, etchants, resins and dentin primers, Extended ¾” length to reach pockets, fistulas and surgical sites, 6 gauge sizes

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