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oneMission just ain't your average web directory. By contrast to common net portals, it can be used in two radically different ways: In case you're looking for links concerning a particular subject, just browse through the relevant categories.

The second way to use is more special still: Every user - including you, too! - can join the ranks of our editors. Just pick a field in which you are especially competent or interested - and start collecting links. This approach makes oneMission the first grass-roots, from-the-bottom-up directory on the web.

A professional editor of standard web directories like Yahoo! cannot possibly track every new URL in every field. Plus, these editors lack time to scrutinize all web pages in detail. That's why oneMission prefers to rely on your participation and fresh ideas. Join today - it requires the following steps:

  • Go to the registration page and submit your login, password and email address. Make sure to write down your password in case you forget it. Now, you can either add a new directory or, alternatively, edit an existing one. Go to the category of your choice. You can start searching at the top.
  • Then login and begin to add links. Your login name will appear in front of every entry. To delete a link just click on [Delete] behind it.
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